Creepy Crawly

****Disclaimer: The pictures you are about to see are graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.****

A collection of all the creepy crawly creatures that i have found IN or around my home:

A harmless caterpiller, right?  Those colors scream "danger" to me, so I'm judging that its poisonous but I dont know for sure. 
Bruce, my bat.  He lives in my "attic".  We are friends.
Two of the countless lizards in my house at any given time.  These ones are dueling for a female.
A pretty large moth.  
This would be a centipede being carried away by ants (in my kitchen).  NBD.
A beetle.  A rather large beetle that bee lined for my head one night.
So many goats.  Not really creepy crawly, but gross in their own right.
A very beautiful butterfly that I saw while hiking La Soufriere, the volcano.
The biggest, most terrifying creature I have ever encountered in my life.  This is the spawn of satan.
A cicada, that looks like it could kill me.
One of the spiders I've seen roaming my house.  When I was growing up, my dad would always yell at me to never kill spiders, luckily for him, and the spiders, I am to terrified to get that close and they are way too fast for me to kill them.
WTF is this thing?  Again, spawn of satan.
I cant even look at the screen as I right these captions.
This is one big moth.  Pretty evil looking too, if you ask me.

Hope you are not too skeeved out.