Dialect Dictionary

A list of the Vincy words and sayings I have learned (but my no means, mastered) so far:

  1. Duster: (noun) a chalkboard eraser. ex: carry the duster to class.
  2. Walk with: (verb) bring with you, take; see carry. ex: dont forget to walk with your towel when we go to the beach.
  3. Carry: (verb) bring with you, take, accompany some one; see walk with. ex: miss, when we gon' carry you to the shop?
  4. Duck: (verb) to dunk some one under the water. ex: no ducking each other at the beach.
  5. Stop: (noun) a punctuation mark, a period at the end of a sentence. ex: miss, me forgot the first stop.
  6. Current: (noun) electricity. ex: the current went out last night.
  7. Plenty: (adverb) alot of something.  ex: It took plenty time to reach the shop.
  8. Reach: (verb) finish, arrive. ex: We don reach the beach; How far you reach?
  9. Slippers: (noun) flip flops.
  10. Marks: (noun) grades or points on a test.
  11. Study: (verb) pay attention to some one.
  12. Vex: (verb) to be annoyed, frustrated, angry, upset, etc. ex: Im real vex with him.
  13. Allawe: (pronoun) all of us, we.  ex: allawe came in first (we tied).
  14. Sweetie: (noun) a piece of hard candy.  ex: I would like a sweetie.
  15. Gap: (noun) intersection, junction.  ex: turn left by the gap.
  16. Mi nah no: i dont know.  ex: 
  17. Ease up: (verb) make room for. ex: ease up so I can fit [in the seat on the van].
  18. Mash up: (verb) broken, smashed. ex: Georgetown mash up, mash up (you tube that one if your curious).
  19. Carpet: (noun) more like wall paper but for your floor.  
  20. Drop Sleep: fall asleep. ex: i drop sleep on the van.
  21. Stueps: to suck your teeth when you are annoyed, angry, upset, frustrated, etc.
  22. Lime: (verb, or noun) hang out.  ex: lets lime in Town; theres a lime down at the beach.
  23. Bounce: (verb) to get hit by a car; knocked down. ex: Watch out or you'll get bounce.
  24. Vest: (noun) a tank top.
  25. Tief: (verb) thief; to steal something.  ex: miss, someone tiefed my pencil.
  26. Stupidness: (noun) foolish or nonsensical talk.  ex: dont study it, its just stupidness.
  27. Top up: (noun) to put credit on your cell phone.
  28. Fer Tru: (noun) for true; seriously; really.  ex: 
  29. Just now: (verb) to do something in a long time from now.
  30. In a while: (verb) to do something right now.
  31. Overhang: (adjective) being hungover from drinking too much
  32. Over take: (verb) to pass a vehicle
  33. Short pants: (noun) shorts
  34. Jeans pants: (noun) jeans, or long pants
  35. Jersey: (noun) t-shirt
  36. Seep: (verb) to gain someone's attention by making "psst" or kissy noises
  37. Clear: (noun) a white person
  38. Largo: (verb) lets go
  39. Likkle: (adjective) little
  40. Ah: (preposition) can mean any of the following: a, to, is, it, the, etc
  41. A lie: (verb) you are lying; that is a lie.
  42. Nah: (adverb) no
  43. Nuh: (adverb) not
  44. Me: (pronoun) used instead of my, I
  45. He/She: (pronoun) used in place of her/him/his
  46. box: (verb) to punch some one
  47. fi: (preposition) to
  48. cuss: swear or yell at some one, argue
  49. dem: them; implies plural ex: de gyal dem (the girls)
  50. wagwaan: whats going on
  51. gwaan: go on, move
  52. dey: there or they
  53. de: the
  54. done: finished
  55. jombie: (noun) ghost
  56. gaan: gone, passed 
  57. tanks: thanks
  58. haffi: have to
  59. dotish: stupid
  60. down/up/over/come so: over there
  61. commess: gossip ex: me nah like dem commessy poeple dem
  62. me say: i said
  63. coming back: brb
  64. watch me: pay attention to me, listen to me, etc
  65. vybz: music
  66. wey: where
  67. yuh: you
  68. alladem: all of them
  69. whine: the style of dance
  70. alyo: all of you
  71. lickerish: greedy
  72. mek: make
  73. nah so:  not so? not true?
  74. pickney: child
  75. so: like that, such as that, etc, ex: why yuh behave so?
  76. tek: take or get: tek yuh time
  77. badmind: evil, mean person.
  78. batty: bottom, butt; gay.
  79. stopcock: a bottle cap
  80. irie: cool, good
  81. ovas: understand. "yuh ovas?" do you understand?
  82. seen: agree, understand
  83. big up: to acknowledge or give respect to some one
  84. par yo dey?: where are you?
  85. way mek?: why?
  86. bad feelings: dont feel well, sick
  87. sick: (verb) broken, hurting
  88. well: many, alot. 
  89. how: yes
  90. one time: at the same time
  91. gimme: for me.  ex: bring my book gimme.
  92. look sharp: to do something quickly, in a hurry.
  93. dun; dun kno: already happened; past tense of know; knew.  They dun choose the team (they already chose the team).
  94. again: (adverb) still, currently, anymore. ex: yuh na cook again (you didnt end up cooking?)