Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forgive Me Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I know that I am always talking about sustainability, the preservation and conservation (do they mean the same thing?) of your precious resources, your beautiful landscapes, the rich diversity that this planet offers and of the harmful effects of pollution, etc.  I have a confession.  Please forgive me.  It is not sustainable nor responsible of me to take two showers a day, everyday.  But sometimes it is just necessary, honestly.  But what really makes me concerned, is not so much the water consumption, albeit exorbitant (a subjective word and probably really not that much water in comparison to other people.  I bet my two showers a day don’t add up to the amount of water you use for your one HOT shower a day). Anyways.  What really concerns me is that the drain to my shower just deposits right into my backyard.  So all my chemical-laden shampoo, conditioner and body wash just goes right into the backyard, into the ground, and subsequently my vegetable garden, and ultimately the water supply.  This is true for nearly every house in SVG.  What kind of effects is this having on the environment?  Could this be the reason for increasing prevalence of cancer and other diseases that are so prevalent nowadays? This really “vexes” me.  I think its time I invest in some biodegradable, eco friendly beauty products.  (I’ll also be taking donationsJ ).
So, please Mother Nature, forgive me for treating you so badly, so recklessly, and for being a hypocrite.

                                                      With the Utmost Respect,
Valarie Pelletier

PS: Its hard to believe that my backyard actually looks like this, despite all the chemicals I am polluting it with, not to mention god knows what else thats accumulating as a result of the runoff that gets deposited in my yard from neighbors up the hill from me.
This picture is literally taken from my bedroom window.


  1. I'm sure you probably already know of this website but has a lot of info about anthropogenic chemicals, especially those found in home goods or foods. And remember what's good for mother nature is usually whats good for you too. Less chemicals In and on you!

  2. thanks linds! i actually am not familiar with that website. but im definitely going to check it out!