Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its Beginning To Look...

....A Little Bit Like Christmas....

Note: it may be beneficial to read A Time of Thanks and Giving, to gain a better understanding of the Pelletier Family Holiday Traditions that will be alluded to in this post.

Thanks MOM for sending me Christmas via the USPS. Included in Christmas In A Box was my very own Christmas tree, complete with lights and ornaments!  What good timing you have, because I was just devising a plan to make a Christmas tree from a cardboard box, some paint and other random household items that I have begun to hoard. Luckily now I don’t have to try to put together a pathetic tree from recycled materials (although upcycling is one of my favorite hobbies), or bring in a banana frond from my backyard in a pitiful attempt to recreate a “traditional” Christmas tree.

For me, Christmas would not be Christmas without my stocking…You [mom] know me too well.  The stocking is the best part about Christmas [presents].  I don’t really know why, since its usually only filled with toothbrushes, deodorant, body wash (what are you trying to tell me?), candy and some other random stuff.  But alas, my stocking was even included in the Christmas In A Box. 

As soon as I got home from town from picking up my package, I put Christmas music on and put “up” my tree.  I put the decorations on and seeing as I had no one here to help me, I put the lights on all by myself.  Thankfully it wasn’t too difficult, as the tree is only a foot tall.  Too bad I didn’t have any Christmas cookies, and no eggs to make eggnog; though even if I did I’m not sure if I would want to drink the raw eggs here.
It is beginning to feel a little bit more like Christmas.  Though, there’s a significant part of the equation missing.  Family. 


  1. Very nice tree. Belated Happy Thanksgiving, and an early Merry Christmas. I guess the chance of a white Christmas is pretty slim.

  2. Oh, and it's 'anonymous' moving to IL. :-)

  3. What a beautiful tree & what a great Mom you have!!!! I have the pleasure of working with your Mom and she has been a huge supporter of mine during this breast cancer "stuff" of mine. You quite often are part of our conversations---and she is sooooo proud of you!
    Kelly---the nurse where your mom works. :)

  4. Kelly, I wish you all the best with a speedy and smooth recovery! :-) Thanks for following my blog. It means alot! My mom truly is an amazing person, as im sure you know too.