Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By The Numbers

I really miss working exclusively with numbers, so here is a recap of my first year as a Peace Corps Volunteer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

1 bat living in my house
1 trip to the Tobago Cays
1 week in the US
1 Nine Mornings Festival attended
1 haircut given
1 earthquake experienced
1 time swimming with sea turtles
1 hammock on my porch J
1 mash up camera
1 Christmas Light Up attended
1 beauty pageant attended
1 grant proposal written
1 dead chicken being eaten by my dog on my porch
1 1/2 dogs-mine and my neighbors, sort of
2 fashion shows attended
2 mash up internet modems
2 weeks with CRD
2 times carrying 6 children to the beach
3 stool samples
3 cans of Bop
2 concerts attended and 2 all-nighters pulled as a result
3 tarantulas found [dead]
3 doctors appointments
3 ascents to the top of Soufriere
3 subjects taught: reading, math, information technology
3 weeks of art camp
3 all-nighters for Carnival
4 times I have been told I “look like a true Vincy” J
4 gas tanks
4 times slept past 8am
4 inches my hair has grown
4 trips to Bequia
4 vaccines
4 times I have been offered someone’s child or baby
5 times partied until the sun came up
5 planes to get back to the states
6 weeks of adult education classes taught
8 weeks without a gas tank (8 weeks on a raw food diet)
8 weeks of no internet!
8 packages from friends
8 cans of Off! Bug spray used
9 new vegetables tried-dasheen, christophene, pigeon peas, callaloo, breadfruit, cassava, pumpkin (different from ours), eddoes, yams (which are not sweet potatoes)
9 months living alone and surviving
10 cards from my grandparents
10:1 the ratio of people who know my name to the names of people I know
12 months living in SVG
15 packages from my mommy
16 boxes of crystal lite packets drank
17 new fruits tried-sour sop, sugar apple, plum rose, guava, passion fruit, golden apple, wax apple, sorrel, sugar cane, cocoa, star fruit, papaya, plum (not the same as ours), 3 different types of bananas, tamarind, mangoes, coconut, I think there may be more (and some of these I have had, just not in their natural existence.)
33 books read completely
tens of days with out water
tens of marriage proposals
tens of chickens in my yard
tens of goats seen on the way to school every morning
tens of days with brown water
plenty times limed on the beach
60+ new students’ reading assessments conducted
107 letters written
145 days of school
hundreds of inches of rain
hundreds of van rides, literally
hundreds of guavas, mangoes and bananas eaten J
200+ students taught
300 lbs of books and educational material from IACL
500 new books for the school library from Hands Across the Sea
Over 5000 pictures taken (don’t judge me)
More than I’d like to admit: rides taken by strangers

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