Monday, August 20, 2012

The 5 Senses of SVG

Sights, Sounds, Smells, Tastes, and Feels of Peace Corps/Island life

o   Goats on the way to school
o   Chickens/roosters/goats/sheep in my yard
o   Street dogs-they are the equivalent of squirrels in the States
o   Concrete jungle-everything is concrete: buildings and houses, walls around buildings, yards, the list goes on.
o   Greenery everywhere, which is contrasted by the concrete
o   Fruit trees everywhere-I can identify most fruit trees now
o   Uniforms-students, bank workers, nurses, govt workers, everyone wears a uniform
o   Men peeing anywhere they feel like at anytime, they don’t even try to hide it
o   Garbage everywhere unfortunately…
o   Brightly colored houses and cars
o   Bright and tight clothing
o   Really pretty hummingbirds that fly around the trees in my yard

o   Crickets, roosters, frogs, sheep, goats
o   Terrifying roar of the rain approaching from down in the valley
o   Pounding of the rain on the galvanized metal roof-like golf balls landing on a car
o   Garbage truck plays a really morbid song that sounds like creepy organ funeral music so you know its coming
o   Gas tank truck also plays a song so you know its coming but it’s a little less creepy
o   Ice cream truck plays predominantly row row row your boat or London bridge is falling down
o   Fish truck blows a conch shell to let you know its approaching
o   Music music music…music from the rum shops in valley on Fridays, music blaring from the vans. Interestingly, music genres here follow seasons.  Reggae=summer; Soca=winter/spring, leading up to Carnival in July; Dancehall=fall/winter.
o   Barking dogs
o   Chickens at the crack of dawn (~5am)
o   Car horns: saying hi to people; letting you know they are rounding a corner; over taking another car, etc.
o   Birds
o   People shouting my name all the time; also people singing Valarie, Valara, ah, ah, ah. BTW they aren't actually singing my name, even though it sounds like it, but I'll take it.  I think the song is fitting. :-)
o   Breadfruit dropping from the tree-sounds like a bowling ball thudding into a carpet.

o   Funky smells that cannot be identified nearly all the time
o   Animal manure
o   Rotting fruits/vegetables-I seriously hate this smell, and it seems to be very prevalent during mango/guava season in my yard, also the fact that I compost.
o   Urine in the streets in town, or anywhere really, but especially town
o   Smoke/roasting breadfruit
o   Perfume-everyone smells real sweet, even men wear women’s perfume.
o   Bop-insecticide to kill those big bugs

o   Concrete floors
o   Rigid, brittle laundry from handwashing, air drying
o   People petting, touching, feeling my skin or hair
o   Sponge (foam, and I'm not talking about memory foam) mattress/cushions
o   Sweaty all the time

o   Curry
o   Fresh fruits all year long
o   Sugar overload-in fresh fruit juice, in cakes, in sweets, in nearly everything
o   Fried food-if it isn’t sugary, then it’s fried.  Fried chicken, fried fish, French fries, bakes (which are actually fried dough), etc.
o   Soy chunks-my main protein source since I don’t eat meat.
o   Pepper sauce and green seasoning.


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