Monday, April 29, 2013

Outrageously Occupied

I have been so incredibly busy these last few months (in a good way).  I cant believe I haven’t touched my blog in over 2 months.  I literally have had no time to write. I barely know if I'm coming or going anymore.  My apologies to my faithful readers! 
            Such a vast variety of events have occurred or are in the works since I last blogged.  It will be difficult to recount them all at once.
            Until I have more time to fully detail my crazy hectic life, here’s a preview:
  1. Visitors and Vacation!
  2. Rugby: Big things are happening! New Executive Board, Summer Camp, Youth Programme, Community Outreach, Fundraisers, Beach Cleans.
  3. Still dealing with my busted tooth from my rugby injury last July.
  4. Rugby!!
  5. School/Library and peer counselors retreat with other schools in the same zone.
  6. New volunteers coming and old volunteers leaving.
  7. Sports (country wide track meet)
  8. Easter Break and my extensive social life ;-)
  9. Farewells :-(
  10. Yet more rugby, this time in St. Lucia :-)
Check back soon for the full length update and some of the pics can be found here! !

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