Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Updates (coming soon...)

I have so many new and exciting things to share with you, but no time to sit down and write all my thoughts down.  However, I promise to give you some updates by the end of the week :-)

for now:
 rugby beach clean
 rugby girls
me at my good friend's baby's christening
 at black point
 sarah and i, enjoying a night out in vincy!
we mashin up the place; but really we were posing for like 10 minutes until we realized the camera was recording video haha
 enjoying some pre carnival activities
 not sure exactly if this is Kiss Me Falls or Hells Gate.  either way we had to climb through some thick bush to find it.
 the water was so cold and clear.
 on top the falls
enjoying the falls (there were three waterfalls in a row) and it was a perfect day
 near Rabacca, country side.
 St. Vincent, land so beautiful

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