Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Come From A Land

I Come From A Land

I come from a land
That is as historic as it is diverse
Where the Hudson river meets the Mohawk.
That is halfway between NYC and Montreal
That is equidistant to Vermont and Massachusetts.

I come from a land
That was first home to the Mohican and Iroquois Mohawk Indian tribes
Where the Dutch took over and then eventually the English.
That has a culture rich in education and the arts.
Where the past can be seen in every building, every landmark and every park.

I come from a land
That is as rich as it is poor
Where the first technical university in the USA was established
That used to be a booming industrial city producing steel, iron and textiles.
Where Uncle Sam was born, raised and is laid to rest.

I come from a land
That has four seasons and 4 feet of snow during the wintertime.
Where the mountains are close by and the sea many miles away.
That offers something for everyone.
Where it is home to the Irish, Italians, African Americans and me.

Although I may roam,
Troy is where I call home.


  1. Hello! You have an interesting website. It is nice to visit here.

  2. I read a few PC blogs over the years (health and marital status kept me from serious consideration.) Tonight I followed a link from Reddit to this blog. I would have kept reading without comment, but I am from around exit 29 off I-90. The poem... I had to Comment. I now live in Queens, but it struck me still, for various reasons.

    I only just began reading, but I look forward to comming back and to new posts. Other than that, and this may be dumb, but I wonder if you are related to Jeanine Pelletier in F.P.? I suppose the name is common enough, but it bears asking. ;)