Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just a Little Something to Hold You Over

Until I can find the time and energy to write a real post, here is a little something i wrote during last week's Art Camp Training:

My World Turned Upside Down

Beakers, burets, experiments
This is what I am used to.

Calculators, computers, microscopes
These are my preferred tools.

Calculus, chemistry, physics
These are the concepts that govern my life.

Laboratories, offices, conference rooms
These are my chosen dwellings.

Powerpoint, excel, Nature
These are how I convey my ideas.

Carbon nanotubes, atoms, the Periodic Table
These are a few of my favorite things.

Textbooks, Advisors, Professional Societies
These are my references.

Suddenly I was thrust into an alternate universe.
Where life is based on letters and not numbers.

Suddenly my world changed from concrete, quantitative, abstract concepts
To a life that is subjective and not black nor white.

Now paper, pencils, and erasers
Are the tools that rule my life.

Now sight words, rhymes, and word families
Are how I express my wildest dreams.

Now phonics, consonants and vowels
Are how I formulate my sentences.

Now stories, poems, and songs
Are how I share my thoughts and my feelings.

Now storybooks, dictionaries and thesauruses
Are what help me get by.

Now posters, flash cards, flip charts
Are what decorate my new home, the Reading Room.
Now games, group work, and pep talks
Are what help us succeed.

Suddenly I am using a portion of my brain previously uncharted.
And though it is challenging, it is intriguing all the same.