Sunday, March 23, 2014


It just occurred to me that I have never written a post about the “national pastime” here in St. Vincent.  That would be none other than village football games/competitions.
Most villages either host an intervillage competition or compete in one or multiple competitions. Since there is a playing field right across from my house, my village hosts an intervillage football competition every year. Teams can consist of old men, young boys, and everything in between, except girls/women, sadly. Some, if not most villages have more than one team.
Usually there are games held everyday. However, Sunday evening games are the main attraction. Sunday football can be compared to high school football games.  Most people don’t go to watch the game.  You all just put on your trendiest clothes and socialize. It is a time to show off your newest, hottest clothes, and make a lime, drink a beer.  It’s a time to see and be seen. People come to sell all things; candy, popsicles, cigarettes, mints, popcorn, pork, drinks, other food, etc.
Before the game, during half-time and after the game you will hear loud soca and dancehall music. After the game, most people hang out, dance and drink a beer or strong rum. Sometimes I can hear the music from my house late into the night.
Games can get intense with fierce competition and rivalry between teams/villages. These are usually the best games to go to.  Crowds get riled up, become raucous and rowdy, cheering, cussing, you name it.

Its a lot of fun and the highlight of Sunday evenings during football season.

whos sucking?

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