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Interesting Info

I like to compare different regions of the world and the living standards to gauge how different they in fact are.
Below are some interesting facts about some different regions in the world.  Keep in mind what you generally make here in the US.

Volunteer Allowances*
  • Eastern Caribbean-St. Kitts and Nevis=$770.84/month with only 22% of that income being taxable. $601.26 (the highest allowance of ALL countries!-not sure what this means for me exactly?).
  • Lesotho=$204.91/month, with 48% of that income being taxable.  So I really only would have had $106.55! (one of the highest tax rates).
Safety and Security**
  • Eastern Caribbean=1 incident of sexual assault, 2 aggravated assault, 1 threat, 8 burglary, 3 theft, 
  • Lesotho=No incidents of sexual assault or rape, 2 physical assault reports, no reports for threat, 1 robbery, 4 burglary.
All data for 2008 (most current)

Health and Safety***
  • Eastern Caribbean=5 alcohol related problems, 1 asthma, 2 dengue, 34 dental problems, 2 environmental health concerns, 15 GI, 7 mental health (adjustment issues), no malaria, 5 MEDEVACS (medical evacuations), 16 STDs, 20 gyno, 0 HIV, 3 tuberculosis, 
  • Lesotho=1 alcohol related problems, 3 asthma, 1 cardiovascular, 12 dental problems, 6 infectious dermatitis, 22 GI, 12 mental health (adjustment issues), 22 other mental health issues, no malaria, 3 MEDEVACS (medical evacuations), 2 STDs, 9 gyno, 0 HIV, 2 tuberculosis.
All data for 2007 (most current)

In summary, I want to show people that there are many misconceptions. I want to help eradicate these misconceptions through this blog and by my sharing my experiences and the new things I learn. Many people probably think that Africa is very dangerous, but in fact there is more crime in the EC.

Statistics about the Peace Corps

Out of 100 Applicants:
77 receive an Interview
65 receive a Nomination
42 receive an Invitation
33 Become Trainees
30 Swear iIn after the 3 month In-Country Training
25 Reach the 1-Year Mark
22 Close of Service (complete the full 2 years of service)

Out of 100 Trainees:
90 Swear In
75 Reach the 1-Year Mark
68 Close of Service

Average Length of Application (days)       Total/Running Total   My Total/Running 
Application to Nomination:                                      62/62                       50/50
Nomination to Medical Info being Submitted to OMS: 87/149                    76/126
Medical Info Received to Medical Qualification/Clearance: 54/203             77/203
Medical Qualification to Invitation:                          38/241                     133/336
Invitation to Acceptance:                                        9/250                        5/341
Acceptance to Enter on Duty:                                 85/335                       63/404
Lesotho Program Canceled: Wait for new Invitation: ~5                         28/432
Invitation to NEW Acceptance:                                   9                          9/441
Acceptance to Enter on Duty:                                    85                         73/514

Early Termination Report (January - December 2004)
Evaluation of the Volunteer Delivery System April 2003  [Printed copy]
FY 2006 Quantitative Early Termination Report
Program Evaluation Report: Peace Corps’ Medical Clearance System (March 2008)

Make-up of Volunteers
  • Eastern Caribbean: 6 Business Advising, 2 Information Technology, 13 NGO Development, 32 Community Development, 17 Youth Development (5.4% of total volunteers are YD), 2 Special Education Teacher Training. Total Volunteers=72, 1% of total volunteers.
  • Lesotho: 4 Applied Agriculture Science, 2 Business Advising, 2 NGO Development, 4 Health Degreed, 13 Health Extension, 13 Community Development, 17 Primary Education Teacher Training, 13 Secondary Education English Teaching, 2 Secondary Education Math Teaching (1.8% of total volunteers are Math teachers),11 Secondary Education Science Teaching. total Volunteers=81, 1.1% of total Volunteers.

FOIA Request # 10-129
"current breakdown by assignment area within each country of volunteers currently serving"
Final Response: July 21, 2010
Original File

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