Friday, March 11, 2011

I Got Caught Up... the moment, so I never posted anything about my final packing experience. I guess I got caught up with leaving and posting about my new life and all the new experiences I was having and completely forgot to tell about my final frantic hours of packing. Well, I was up until the wee hours of the night before departure day finalizing my packing list. Yet, somehow (really, if it werent for Chris, I would not have been able to pack at all) I managed to fit mostly everything I wanted to bring with me in my 80lbs allotment. I did have to forfeit a bottle of body wash, and several pairs of shoes.  I was even 4 lbs below the limit, but better safe than having to pay tons of baggage fees!
In all, after all was said and done I managed to fit:
  1. Queen set of sheets
  2. 3 pair dress pants
  3. 2 blazers
  4. 6 dresses
  5. 3 pair athletic shorts
  6. 4 drexel tshirts
  7. 4 cardigans
  8. 12 blouses
  9. 2 pair shorts
  10. 2 bathing suits
  11. 7 skirts
  12. 6 shirts
  13. 4 pair shoes (hiking boot/sneakers, sandals, keen sandals, dress shoes)
  14. 1 sweatshirt
  15. 1 pair khakis
  16. 1 pair hiking pants
  17. 6 undershirts
  18. 5 quick drying towels
  19. 3 slips
  20. 3 books
  21. 2 journals
  22. 2 scrapbooks
  23. a clothes iron
  24. 3 flashlights
  25. duct tape
  26. 2 tubes of superglue
  27. tons of zip lock baggies
  28. multi tool and hunting knife
  29. twine
  30. safety pins
  31. scissors
  32. zip ties
  33. tons of batteries
  34. 5 drexel carabiners, 4 heavy duty carabiners
  35. 2 decks of playing cards
  36. toys for kids
  37. markers/pens/pencils
  38. toiletries
  39. 4 bottles of benedryl
  40. 4 epipens!
  41. sewing kit
  42. dictionary/thesaurus
  43. 2 pairs of glasses
  44. 2 pairs of sunglasses
  45. calculator!
  46. 3 notebook/folders
  47. tons (but not enough) handwipes
  48. 5 toothbrushes
  49. electronics
  50. rain jacket!
Chris holding all my stuff, because I couldnt and him ignoring me!
 My mom made me hold this sign at the airport!
 Mommy me and Daddy (Dad doesnt look too happy:-( )
 Waiting, Waiting, Waiting. Thanks alot Snow/PC!
 Im very angry in this pic, IDK if you can tell.
 Christopher and I at the airport (missing my straight hair!).


  1. Number 34 and 40 are my favs! Just wondering why you didn't pack any snacks Snacky?! Or did you and you just not wanna have to share ;)

  2. Oh and what's the sign say? I can't tell...

  3. Haha, i actually didnt bring any snacks, but feel free to send some ;-)

    and the sign says: Good Luck Val in the Peace Corps, January 27th 2011". oh silly mommy!

  4. Carabiners are awesome. Very useful. thanks so much! and i cant live without my epipens! Literally!! haha