Thursday, March 31, 2011

Personal Space, Or A Lack There Of..

I stopped on the street to get something out of my bookbag.  Apparently, I had forgotten to zip my dress all the way, but no worries, there was a random stranger passing by who took it upon herself to zip it without my consent.  She thought I didnt speak English, so I guess thats why she didnt bother to say anything?  Once she was done, she just continued on her way.  There are many interesting things to point out in this situation.  For instance, this would NEVER happen back home.  People back home wouldnt even tell you, let alone take the initiative to help you out by zipping it up.  2. Normally I would freak out if some one invaded my bubble.  I mean to some extent I did freak out, but Im starting to get used to having no personal space at all.  Bye bye bubble :-(. 3. Its quite common that people touch, get in your face close to talk, or invite themselves into your bubble on a normal basis.  Its just the way it goes here. 4.  I guess thats what Peace Corps is all about, challenging yourself and learning new things.  I am certainly challenging my bubble, and most definitely learning new things about myself and others.

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  1. dis is called bein warm n friendly, guess u dont have dat where ever u r from, sorry!