Sunday, April 3, 2011

Better Than Christmas.

Thats what getting a package is like.  It really is the simple things.  Crystal Lite drink mixes=amazing.  Chocolate=heavenly. Old clothes are suddenly new clothes!  These are just some of my new favorite things!

First piece of mail and it was a package from my mommy!
 Bible quotes to prevent theft..
YAY Package from my BFF Lauren!
 With some much needed necessities....
 ...exlax, deodorant, body wash, hand sanitizer, luna bars (with nuts) and stickers!
 2nd package from my mommy. a HUGE box.
 With so many goodies.  A Bookbag, some much needed tie dye! drink mix, hand wipes, a belt, and a lunch sack.
 SO MUCH Crystal Lite! I couldnt be happier! Thanks mom!

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