Friday, September 16, 2011

Two Items You Never Want To Be Without

A Book and an Umbrella.

  1. The rain comes out of nowhere! Seriously you thought checking the weather back in the States was pointless, well here storms form out of thin air.  Its not just a spring shower either.  I’m talking torrential downpour, complete with thunder so loud you are wondering if there is a Boeing 747 about to land in your living room, classroom/office, bedroom (depending on the time of day). What, you just looked out the window no less than 5 minutes ago and saw nothing but blue skies, and now you think the apocalypse is coming.  This is pretty typical.   I think there is a storm nearly everyday almost at the same time (4th period or thereabouts) everyday. However, what usually happens (especially when I have to go to town, and I am in a rush to get a van) is I will forget my raincoat (I don’t even own an umbrella because they are annoying and the wind always flips them up or I just end up losing the; leaving them wherever I was) and it will pour.  But it never fails that when I actually remember it, it doesn’t rain a drop and when I forget it at home I’m wishing I packed a life jacket and raft instead.  The rain here is both utterly terrifying and incredibly fascinating. 
  2. The books come in handy on many occasions.  Number one, say you have a meeting at 4pm, it inevitably will not start until 5pm, if you’re lucky.  A book is a great way to spend that hour learning or at least entertained rather than staring at the wall (or rain) waiting rather impatiently for the meeting to begin.  Remember that rain I was mentioning, well that’s another great example of the importance of being prepared with the proper equipment: this time a book.  A book is a necessity because you never know where you are going to get stuck waiting for the rain to abate, or for how long.  Sometimes it could be a fleeting rain deluge and it passes as fast as it arrived, but other times it looks like there’s no end in sight.  You don’t dare venture out into that storm of epic proportions-your umbrella or raincoat isn’t going to do anything for you when the rain drops are the size of grapes and the wind is blowing them horizontally.  Luckily, however, at least its not cold, if you do happen to get stuck in a tempest of rain.

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