Saturday, September 3, 2011

You Know You're A Peace Corps Volunteer When...

  • ·      You become a hoarder: Saving paper towel and toilet paper tubes; boxes; bags; bottles; etc because you never know what you will need it for.
  • ·      You think you can reuse everything.
  • ·      You carry your own toilet paper with you to school.
  • ·      You see more goats and chickens than people sometimes.
  • ·      You only buy as much as you can carry.
  • ·      You stare when you see a white person you don’t know.
  • ·      Walking somewhere always takes double as long as it should, because you stop to talk to everyone that’s outside on the way.
  • ·      You’re always the worst dressed at formal events.
  • ·      Eggs are not refrigerated, and that’s becoming normal.
  • ·      And you carry your eggs in a plastic bag instead of an egg carton.
  • ·      You’re not really upset when a 30 minute bus ride takes 1 hour.
  • ·      You’re not angry when the bus stops for gas or runs personal errands.
  • ·      You buy clothes based on how difficult it will be to wash/dry.
  • ·      You talk about bowel movements everytime you are with other PCVs.
  • ·      Your new friends are the bugs, lizards, and bats living with you in your house.
  • ·      You are cognizant about being the worst dressed person in your village, yet you don’t care.
  • ·      You start talking to yourself and the green lizards in your house.
  • ·      People know you and can tell you where you live, etc, but you have no idea who they are.
  • ·      You spend your Saturday nights alone, and Friday nights too.
  • ·      Most of your friends are under the age of 12.
  • ·      Bug spray/deet is your new perfume.
  • ·      Laundry is an all day affair.
  • ·      Staying up past 9pm is considered a late night. Sleeping past 7am is considered sleeping in.
  • ·      You fall asleep on the bus ride from town while stuck in an overcrowded bus.
  • ·      You Double double up on words.
  • ·      You can only charge one electronic at a time because you are either limited by the number of outlets, or the number of plug adapters or both.
  • ·      You secretly enjoy the local [soca] music.
  • ·      You have no shame, you can never act more crazy than they already think you are.
  • ·      Bugs are the size of small rodents.
  • ·      You lost track of how many marriage proposals you’ve received.
  • ·      You’ve read more books in the last 3 months than you have in all of high school.
  • ·      You’ve come to expect the unexpected.
  • ·      Hot water from the faucet seems weird.
  • ·      You only have one functioning utility at a time-either no water, no electricity, or no gas tank.
  • ·      You start and end your day cleaning and washing dishes.
  • ·      You match your sweat rag to your outfit.
  • ·      You just eat the tiny ants has now become a much needed protein source.
  • ·     You shake out and check your shoes for bugs before putting them on.
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Please check back later as this list will surely grow :-)


  1. LOL! This is good, very accurate :) My fav " You have no shame, you can never act more crazy than they already think you are"... I remind myself of this often.


  2. I like this list. I've actually heard that Americans are weird because we're supposedly the only people that actually refrigerate eggs?? I guess that's true. Can't wait to see you next month :) McNast