Friday, November 2, 2012

US=0, Hurricanes=2

Clearly, climate change is real, considering Hurricanes are in the lead against the Northeast United States by 2. And because the score for being devastated by hurricanes is 2 for the Northeast US and a whooping 0 for SVG here in the Caribbean, typically thought of as "Hurricane Alley". Yes thats right, since I have been living in this so called Hurricane Alley there have been no major storms, where as in the same time period, my family and friends in upstate New York/Tri-State Area have experienced two significantly devastating hurricanes.

Half time score:


A main safety concern my family had when I found out I was moving to the Caribbean was hurricanes.  But thanks to climate change (in my opinion), it is me who has to worry about them and the hurricanes.

First it was Irene, and now its Sandy.

In August of 2011, Hurricane Irene destroyed much of the northeast US.  There was severe flooding in upstate NY (including in my hometown), Vermont, and NH; places that the word ‘hurricane’ doesn’t ever cross your mind.
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          Now in October of 2012 again Hurricane Sandy destroys Philly, NYC, and NJ. Luckily the people of upstate NY, Vermont and NH were spared this time around, as many of them are still recovering from Irene.

All the while, we in the Land of the Blessed, haven’t even had so much as rain.  In fact, I think this rainy (hurricane) season has been dryer than last year.  In each instance, the hurricanes developed north of SVG and continued northward.

Praying for those still recovering from Irene and sending prayers to those that have been devastated by Sandy.

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