Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When did I get so busy?

A Day in My Life

Here is a breakdown of a typical day for me. I will break it into week day and week end.

Week day:

530am wake up
            wash wares from previous night
cook breakfast; usually eggs and toast or fried plantains
wash wares
choose outfit and iron clothes
pack lunch
prepare a few lessons or grade hwk
wash clothes by hand
hang clothes to dry
get ready for school
830am-3pm school; teach physics, reading, and integrated science; operate the library.
320pm reach home, eat, and relax

on Monday and Wednesday:

415pm walk down the road to the community library and computer center
430pm teach intro to computers/basic IT skills class at the adult education center
630pm reach home (it usually takes about half an hour to reach home because of all the people I stop to talk to J )
645pm start cooking dinner
8pm eat dinner
wash some wares
clean kitchen
do any necessary prep work for school
930pm SLEEP!

On Tuesday and Thursday:

415pm walk down the road to catch a van to the Sports Complex to play rugby
445pm reach the road that leads to the sports complex
510pm reach the sports complex to play rugby
7pmwalk to the grocery store and pick up a few groceries
730pm wait endlessly for a van
830-9pm finally reach home
start cooking dinner
930-10pm eat dinner
wash some wares
clean kitchen
1030pm SLEEP!

And on the weekends:


3pm Leave school
            reach home, bathe and change
            walk down the road to catch a van to town
430pm reach town
            go to bank, run a few errands, pay some bills
            go grocery shopping
lime in town
wait for a van for a while
9pm reach my village
lime at the local rum shop
reach home
10pm sleep!!!


Saturday is typically my only day to have to myself to explore, relax on the beach, or hang out with friends


6-7am wake up (not sure why, but I can never manage to sleep past 7)
            wash wares
            cook breakfast
start cooking lunch
            wash more wares
            clean the kitchen
            wash laundry
            take down and fold clean laundry
            hang more laundry
            sweep out the house
            clean house/mop/etc
12noon finish cooking lunch
            eat lunch
            wash more wares
relax a bit
finish cleaning/wash
make lesson plans, exams, grade hwk, prep for school
figure out what I am going to wear to school, iron clothes
eat again
8pm SLEEP!

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