Sunday, September 8, 2013

Letting Go of the Past?

The last time I got my haircut was October of 2010. It was right before I was due to leave for Lesotho, Southern Africa in November of 2010. I figured I better get my hair cut one last time, since it will be a while. Up until then I had always had short hair. I loved my short, straight hair. However, I knew that once I joined the Peace Corps all that would change. I was always accustomed to blow drying and straightening my hair, and living in the cold that was somewhat necessary.  However, moving to a country where you are not guaranteed electricity would kind of hinder that morning process.   Similarly, when I found out that I would be going to the Eastern Caribbean instead, I figured it would not be necessary to blow dry my hair in the constant heat and humidity of the Caribbean, and straightening my hair would be futile.
So here we are in August 2013, nearly three years later.  My hair has since grown probably close to 12 inches (which should be noted that my hair grows really slowly) and I have yet to get my hair cut since leaving for the Peace Corps in January 2011. I have grown quite fond of my long hair.  It’s so much easier to deal with, especially in the heat. I just towel it dry and throw it up in a messy bun and I'm off. My hair is longer than it has ever been in my entire life by a good 3 or 4 inches.
Then I had the opportunity to get my hair cut by a professional! A fellow PCV’s mother who is a hairdresser came to visit and offered to cut anyone who wanted his or her hair cut.  I don’t normally fuss much over my hair and I gave her the authority to do what she wanted with it so long as she kept the length relatively intact. I just wanted to cut off the dead ends.

She gave me some layers, and now my hair seems so short! Even though it is still longer than it’s probably ever been. I can’t believe that I am so upset over it, especially considering everything, but I really grew to like my long hair.

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