Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Despite being an engineer, technology has really never been my forte.  We just have never gotten along well.  They always seem to not work for me.  Printers/scanners/faxes/Xerox Machines are my Arch Nemesis, just ask any secretary that has had the “honor” of working with me. I should especially thank Holly and Danielle at DNI for all their time helping me print my thesis, scan things for the patent application, fax various papers; especially when it came time for me to apply for the Peace Corps.
            Since joining the Peace Corps in January 2011 I have miraculously made it three years and running with the same computer, despite the harsh climate as well as user abuse (I have admittedly dropped it from the table to the concrete floor a number of times).  I attribute this to Apple.  I LOVE my MacBook pro, however it is dying a slow and agonizing death.  The battery has slowly stopped taking charge, I have had to replace the charger twice now, and now the battery holds zero charge.  It has officially become a desktop computer.  But I still love it.
            In addition to my laptop which will need some replacement parts soon, other electronics that I have had to replace or that have mysteriously (or not so mysteriously) stopped working include:
  1. External Hard Drive. This is one of the electronics that mysteriously stopped working.
  2. Flash Drive
  3. Camera x 3.  Yes that is right. I have gone through 4 cameras in the last 3 years. Admittedly two were already 2+ years old. However, two of the four cameras were brand new.  I blame this on the abuse the cameras take.  My cameras go everywhere with me, I take pictures constantly.  In fact, I am convinced two cameras died due to overuse; they expired their useful lifespan.
  4. Cellphone x 2.  An average of one cell phone per year isn’t too bad.  One phone the battery exploded, well not really, but it swelled due to the heat and moisture I think.  And well, the next one may have gotten a bit of water damaged when it got swept away by a wave at the Owia Salt Pond.
  5. Kindle. They really should make electronics less sensitive and delicate…
  6. iPod. I guess its just old…and decided it didn’t want to work anymore.
  7. If I had any other electronics I am sure they would be on this list too.

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