Monday, September 30, 2013


Sorry to keep every one in the dark, but I no longer have an operational computer, nor did I ever have a tablet or smartphone, which therefore means I am quite disconnected from the world. I should hopefully be reconnected in the next few weeks.  

I now have to "tief" a bit of internet by using the school's IT lab and/or going to Town to use the Peace Corps Office computer. This coupled by the recent landslide in my area (another post altogether) has really made travelling to Town difficult and therefore having regular access to the outside world is costly, time consuming and inconvenient. 

A lot has been going on (as usual).  But just a quick update:

Summer has ended, and on August 31st I wrapped up the first (annual?) SVG RUFC Summer Youth Rugby Camp (this will be its own post soon). And promptly on September 2nd, school reopened. Since then I have been continuing with the remedial reading programme, helping to organize a literacy workshop for the school staff, helping to plan a literacy festival for SVG Independence Day at the school, all while trying to tie up loose ends associated with the Rugby Camp and maintain my sanity and life.

Its been quite stressful (though camp and school aren't the only factors) and honestly I am reaching my breaking point.  For the first time since arriving in SVG, I have seriously contemplated ET'ing (Early Terminating); quitting; packing up and going home; returning to an "easier" life.  Even though would it really be ET'ing if I have already completed my two years of service and have extended service for another year? As most of you know, quitting is very difficult for me, and I am hoping that a month long vacation back home will rejuvenate me enough to continue and finish my extended service.

I was originally due to take this month long peace corps funded vacation in December, as my projects were supposed to all take place during the school term.  However, they haven't panned out so well, and I don't think I will make it until December anyways. Unfortunately, Peace Corps EC has implemented a new and absolutely unreasonable rule which prevents us from taking ANY vacation time during school. I don't really understand the point of a vacation day, then, if you cannot in fact, use it during work, but ONLY when school is out? I digress. The point is, I am trying to find a way to come home for my sanity's sake before December.

Looking forward to seeing the people I love and who support me very soon. 

Recently, I travelled to Grenada for a workshop on Gender Based Violence.  This was quite interesting and informative.  I stayed a few extra days (but only the weekend, since Peace Corps wouldn't let me take off ONE work day) to explore Grenada.  A quick overview of Grenada (in due time, a post devoted to this trip will be written):
  • Visited the Chocolate Factory and bought amazing chocolate
  • Played with a monkey
  • Toured a Rum Factory (sadly, no taste tests as it was actually closed)
  • Saw two lakes and one pretty waterfall. It just occurred to me that there are no lakes in SVG.
  • Toured the interior of the island (much like most of SVG)
  • Bought some spices from the Spice Isle and homemade sorrel wine
  • Made friends with the owner of a restaurant
  • Went to Fish Friday in Gouyave, the hometown of Kirani James
  • Drank fresh water lemon (tasted like licorice) juice, Caribbean Cherry juice, and guava juice at a cute (western looking) cafe in Grenville
  • Snorkeled at an underwater sculpture park (I was more interested in the fish)
  • Spent a lot of time on a beautiful white sand beach that was just outside my balcony at a resort!
Oh and unfortunately I can't update my life via pictures, because I also no longer have an operational camera.

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