Thursday, January 6, 2011

80 lbs, Thats It!

How do I pack everything I need for 2.5 years into just 80 lbs and into two relatively small bags?!?! Its a good question, and one I have yet to answer.

And here I am again. At the same point I was about 3 months ago (my, how the time has flown by), wondering how and where to begin packing all the supplies I have/need for my journey. I think this time I am a little more prepared, only in the physical sense though.  Two weeks before departure last time back in October, I didnt have anything I needed yet and I hadnt even begun to think about packing.  Alternatively though, I was totally and absolutely mentally prepared to leave.  In fact, I think mentally I was already there.  This time around, I have everything I need (I think), except a sturdy pair of water-proof boots. My backpacking bag is coming in the mail soon..kind of excited (especially because its totally ballin and I got a great deal on it)! Yet, I do not feel mentally or emotionally prepared in the least bit. 

Why is that so?  Is it because I have grown comfortable living at home with virtually no responsibilities, doing what I want, when I want? Probably. Have I grown a tough skin to prepare myself from disappointment again, thereby not allowing myself to get pumped or attached to any particular region/program?? Again, probably.  But why?  I do not know.

These last 3 months have been a blessing in disguise and a curse.  It gave me more time to prepare and gather all the supplies I needed, even though I still waited til the last minute, but it also gave me time (and too much of it) to think about all the past (and future) events that have transpired or that I will miss.

But of course I wait til the last minute to do everything.  There is still so much I need to take care of before I leave. I still need to finalize all my paperwork; power of attorney, health care proxy, student loan deferments, money matters (ha! you still need to do stuff about this even if you dont have any money! and probably more so!), immunization records, what else am I missing? Well anyways, I plan to finish all this up in the next couple of days, and begin to finalize my packing list.  I'll post that, and an update on my packing as its underway.  Im sure youll all be interested in how much of what I want to bring ends up staying here, because I have a feeling my luggage will be severely overweight. haha

Funny how this blog goes.  Never thought Id be one to write so much of my inner thoughts, especially on a blog, let alone a post that is titled "80lbs", with the sole intention of explaining the difficult packing process.  Be that as it may.

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