Sunday, January 30, 2011


The view from my room in St Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean (Carib-bean. not Ca-rib-bean)...  

View from Pigeon Island, St Lucia.

View of Pigeon Island, You can see Martinique in the distance in pic#4.

Palm trees on the beach.
Basically our own private beach near where we are staying for Pre Service Training (PST). 
Another pic of the beach. 
Tomorrow officially starts PST.  We were fortunate to have the weekend off to enjoy the beach and the town, and other semi-touristy things.  This is so surreal.  But right now it kinda feels like a mix between vacation and camp.  Im excited to get acclimated and integrated into the community in which I will be living in for two years, and really get to work.  As beautiful as this is, and how amazing its going to be and how excited I am to have this wonderful opportunity, a part of me still wishes I were in Lesotho.  All I can hope for is One Day I will get there.  Until then, I plan on making this the most remarkable, life changing two years of my life.

Upon arrival and meeting all the other volunteers, it has be clear to me, that i really didnt over pack at all.  In fact I was about 4 lbs less than the 80lb limit, not including my carryon, which probably was more than my checked bag! But anyways, there are so many things I wish I brought, and others I wish I left home. So that means, you should all send me stuff!!!

Well, Im tired and training starts promptly at 8am! Off to bed.

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