Monday, February 14, 2011

Addendum to the Bus Experience

In case it wasn’t readily clear what the bus experience is truly like, let me give you some key words that I would use to describe it.

·      Cut throat
o   People push, throw elbows, and fight there way to get onto the bus.  Considering they are basically minivans, they fill up pretty fast, and as I was saying earlier, there is no rhyme or reason as to when the next bus will come.  So people will do anything to get on it.
·      Uncomfortable
o   This is an understatement.
·      Painful
o   This is more accurate.  Because they cram so many people in, there will be times when you are “sitting” (I put sitting in quotes because you are basically hanging on to the seat for dear life) next to some large person, and you may barely have half of one butt cheek on the seat. Then your knees are digging into the seat in front of you, or the metal support post, or you are being squished against some hard surface, from side to side at every turn.  PAINFUL. I have bruises from riding the bus!
·      Workout
o   It’s a workout to try to keep yourself:
--Prevented from being flown out or from side to side
·      HOT           
o   20+ people in a minivan with limited air flow (or no air flow), sweating because its 85F and humid, wet because its been raining, etc.
·      Toxic
o   Forgot to mention all the horrible horrible air pollutants that the vans dispel.  Not only are they being expelled into the air, but are then being re-circulated inside the cabin of the van. Im probably shedding about 2 months off my life each time I get in a van; add up all the times I ride the bus and it could be years!
·      Rollercoaster
o   Only not as fun, because youre riding the rollercoaster without being buckled in and secure.  You are bouncing around, being ejected from your seat.  Pretty intense roller coaster, and much cheaper than the amusement parks.
·      LOUD
o   Every van has a sweet sound system that is constantly blaring loud music.  At the end of the day, I just want some peace and quiet, which is definitely not happening. 


  1. To funny you say this! I actually had these lovely experiences in Aruba.. Which I may be moving to within a year. If I do.. I may have to catch a plane over to visit you. :) I love you blog Val!

  2. I love the blog.. Geez I need to learn how to pay attention to what I'm typing

  3. hey, wat can i say WELCOME 2 ST VINCENT?