Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Most Amazing "Veggie Burger"

So for lunch on tuesday my Host Mother made me a "veggie burger" to take with me to school.  It was actually an accident, but it was simply amazing.  My mom combined Chunks, which is kinda like tofu, and made of soy and beans, I guess, I dont really know.  It has a very weird consistency, a very meat like consistency actually.  Anyways, she combined the chunks with some sort of fish and ground it up to form a paste like mixture.  She then mixed that with some breadcrumbs and seasonings and fried it.  Everything is fried here. After the veggie/fish patties were prepared and cooked, they were cooled and put on bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo (mayo is on everything) and ketchup. Alas, a Caribbean style veggie burger. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture this time.  But hopefully she will make them for me again soon and teach me how to make them!


  1. mmmm i want to try when i come visit -mcnay

  2. seems like u gave her a bitchin tank u